Samuele Barilli

Samuele Barrili

I’m the proud son of two chemists.

After my degree in Toxicological Chemistry focused on Environmental Pollution I started working in the industrial field as a salesman and later as a marketing manager. For over 10 years I worked doing the “dirty job” of marketing management with the owners of small and big technical companies. I invested time understanding the thoughts, problems and fears the owners and managers are experiencing when being confronted with the complexity of marketing.

Covered Areas: Europe, USA, Southern America;

Core Expertise

Marketing in Chemical Waste Processes

Marketing for Business Expansion

Marketing Consultation

Samuele’s Story

I am the son of two chemistry professors.

I have not followed in their footsteps and I have carved out a job in my image, but I bring as a dowry a single feature that will make a difference for your company.

I grew up giving voice to the scientific method.

Or rather, I learned to recognize its importance long before becoming a manager.

This is how, years later, when I found myself building my job, I decided to do it starting from the scientific mode:

  • Principles put on the testbed with concrete experiments;
  • Extrapolation of measurable data;
  • Measurable data that lead to new principles.

All this in order to make the success of professional activities REPEATABLE AND NOT RANDOMLY.

This is the perspective that was fundamental to bring my project to maturity, in order to create the MiM® method.

In 2019, after 11 years in the world of sales and marketing, the MiM® Marketing Interim Managers fund was the first Interim Marketing Management Company in Italy.

The first company of Interim Managers therefore, on a temporary basis, specialized in the marketing field.

I am talking about time-based Marketing Managers since the tasks we carry out on average range from 6 to 18 months.

A Interim expression, which I have borrowed from other fields, means “The period of time between the moment in which a person ceases to perform certain functions and the moment in which these functions take place by a new owner”.

So, is it a temporary management? Yes, it is. However, it means something more.

For a determined period of time, the Marketing Interim Manager will create a perfectly functioning marketing structure that will live ESPECIALLY AFTER the end of his assignment.

In this period, thanks to the MiM® method, we analyse the company, set goals, structure the Marketing, create a team and reach the finish line.

Recent projects

  • Growth project for RossatoGroup Srl in several areas of Italy
  • Development of the project “Aquaspecialist” in Italy
  • Business expansion of cores for power transformers for Lagor Srl in Southern America and in Far East
  • Market Rebuilding of waste management for Tazzetti SpA