Nelson Kamanda

Nelson Kamanda

What would you do if you were not afraid? These are the words that I ask myself everyday when I wake up in the morning…and my answer is to build a better world for myself and the future generations.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance and Accounting. After 5 years in the Finance field, I pivoted into marketing and dedicated over 5 years learning and researching about digital and social media marketing including emerging trends in marketing and how it affects waste management marketers.

I am now a Social Media Marketer and Consultant specializing in Content strategy (SEO optimized Content), Community Management, Content creation, Organic Growth & Paid Advertising with a deep passion in the Waste Management Industry.

I believe that Social media is about how we connect and engage with people. That relationship is infinitive and if we don’t strive to create one, we will always stay in place thinking we’re going in the right way. I would love to have a chat about your challenges and what you’re trying to achieve.

Core Expertise

Social Media Management

Social Media Strategy

Content Diffusion